Gavox Aurora – August 2017

Dear Michael,
I am having the watch in my hands and it’s gorgeous! Thank you sooo soo much – I will be sending you pictures! I am sure he is wearing it on the wedding day in New York!
My fianc√© is a pilot and his boss and him are collecting watches. So he made ME watch a whole youtube video of Aurora’s functions (the only program it doesn’t do yet is cooking ūüėČ ). So he kept me watching it every single day but with the wedding expenses he didn’t treat himsel so I did. His boss told him about it and he kept dreaming of how amazing it would be. Et voil√†.
Thank you once again! You are the best!
A few days after
The present made my future husband tear up! Being in the military and getting this watch he said it’s the best present ever! ūüôā
Sladjana and happy Brian
Gavox Squadron – June 2017
Thanks Michael! The video is great. PDF is good too. Appreciate it.
Love the watch – but you knew that!
Thanks again for all you do with making amazing watches and the great service.

 Gavox Aurora РJune 2017

Dear Michael,

I should be thanking you for creating such an engineering marvel. The Gavox Aurora now stands out there as a Grand Complication Quartz.

This is the story of a legend in the making. The Gavox Aurora will definitely go down in history as the quartz that challenged convention.

There are not many analogue quartz like the Aurora out there. So, the Aurora is a really special one.

It is just sad that the horological community snubs quartz without even considering the innovation.

In any case, I am glad I found the Aurora.¬†I am sure I will have years of satisfaction ‘playing’ with it.

Thanks again for clarifying my queries. All the best to you.


 Gavox Aurora РJanuary 2016
Dear Mr. Happe,
Wish you a peaceful, prosperous, profitable New Year!
I have had the Aurora for a while now and felt it right to drop in a line on my thoughts.
Love it!
It is obvious the effort and thought you have put into the watch. The dial, hands, strap etc. are all really nice. Thank you!

Gavox Legacy Logical Stars -December 2015

I thought it would be appropriate for me to share my thoughts on my newly acquired Gavox Legacy Navy here, so that more interested collectors will have the chance to read it. The watch is marvelous (I wasn’t even exaggerating!). Despite browsing the video review from worn&wound for nearly a hundred times, this watch exceeds every single expectation of mins. The design, the finishing of the case & dial.. They are top class. This is simply the best 300 USD I have ever spent on a watch! Thank you so much Michael for your masterpiece.


Gavox Squadron – November 2015

I like this watch better then my submariner and my tag heuer. This one is so strong. I’m 100kg/190cm and give bootcamps every week (military style) and it looks like it cannot break. Check my instagram: allbear

Gavox Legacy Navy – September 2015

Hi, received stunning watch today over the moon with it ,many thanks


Gavox Aurora – June 2015

Hello Mike,
It is a beautiful watch. Looks even better in real life than in the pictures on the website. The simulation there is a very good idea. I used it a number of times and It helped me decide to buy the watch.

Gavox Squadron – June 2015

Mr Happe’ (Mike)
It has been several months since I purchased a Squadron watch from Gavox. I am truly impressed with the quality and everyday utility of this watch. I have seen several “military issue” watches but none compare for price, style or functionality. Congratulations on a wonderful product.
Richard K.

Gavox Legacy – April 2015

Merci beaucoup! La montre est fantastique, les photos sont inadaquat pour cette beaute ,

Justin L.

Gavox Legacy – April 2015

Dear Michael,¬†my watch arrived on Wednesday but its only now I had the chance to write to you.¬† Thank you! It is a¬†truly¬†amazing watch! ¬†I like the details styling and the overall feel.¬† I will put some pictures up in the coming days.¬†Im also thinking of your Gavox Legacy Navy. Its a beautiful watch, and Im keeping an eye on it.¬† Perhaps next month…

Thank you for your service and quality.  I will definitely return for more!
Kind Regards,

Gavox Squadron All Steel РApril 2015

My son, Brinton H____, just received this watch yesterday. Dad is coveting it and so is ordering his own! I love watches and own several Patek, MDM Geneve “Hublot”, Franke Mueller, Blancpain and I’ll have to say your fit and finish for an inexpensive watch is magnificent. Well-done.

Gavox Legacy navy Logical Stars – March 2015

Hello Mike . This watch I used and check all day today . And it is super. Thank you very much. This watch is very  best  best best and very nice nice nice . I very much thanks for this. Im sorry for my english language because is only basic. I love this watch. Míla

Gavox Squadron All Steel – March 2015

M. Happe, 
Yes indeed. Could not be more pleased! Finally just what I was looking for. A Mil Spec chrono, well engineered, good looking, and functional.
Solid Customer Service and personal interest. Best of Luck.
R. K.

Gavox Squadron All Steel РJanuary 2015

Hello Michael!

I picked up the watch today and I’m very pleased. I love the big grip friendly crown and the distinct pushers. The bezel index is also very practical and ease to read. Best of perhaps is that the alarm sound is so high, much better than my Bell&Ross Br03. It’s a very nice piece you put together. Thanks a lot and have a nice weekend! /Patrick

Gavox Legacy Navy – April 2014

I received my watch yesterday and it is beautiful. My only problem is deciding whether to wear it with the leather or nato strap. This watch will definitely be going in my regular rotation.
Best wishes,
Eliot G___

Gavox Curtiss P-40 – October 2013


 The Gavox arrived Friday (7 June) & my son received it on Sunday.  He is absolutely loves the watch and is delighted with the great service.  He is very appreciative of the band install/remove tool, too.
  Thank you very much for your excellent personal service with our order.  That makes an excellent product even more appealing.   I am anxiously looking forward to information on your Aurora Ref. 446 timepiece.
 He is looking for some photo opportunities with the new P-40 so you should be hearing from him, too, in the near future.
 Thanks, again!   Don.