DO I Think Apple Watch will Kill Traditional Watches ? NO I SAY

The smart Apple Watch was presented at Apple keynote.

Applewatch VS Traditional Watches

Am I scared about my traditional watches Brand ?.

No, I look forward to see this revolution take place, I already own a Pebble watch steel. These watches are great but as an extension of your mobile phone or As an activity tracker like my Misfit. It is clear that more and more people stopped using watches since time is available everywhere ( smartphone, computer, radio, wall clock, oven…). Apple is looking at these possible clients. what I do strongly believe is that mechanical watches will be your personal link to reality. The beating of the seconds will the closest if your own heartbeat. Classical watches will also be there for sharing between you and your son as they last for decades and don’t need upgrade are not disposed of when technology decide to put them out of support. I love my watches and here my Gavox Legacy will still be on my wrist for ages showing me that like such watches, I am alive. @gavoxwatches