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2 Professors friends and at the same time Artist created these mesmerizing artwork

1) Stephane Pigeon

Master of sounds he created this Clock sound thinking about his good friend Mike : Clock Sound 



Jason Nelson 

Unconventional digital artist, Jason Nelson Contacted me (Mike) Regarding a creation of digital Clock and watch images after seeing the Gavox Aurora . Jason created these 2 Mesmerizing Digital moving images (click images)2016-08-29_23-54-132016-08-29_23-56-14

A trip to Iceland

We are now back with tons on great shot of Gavox watch in Iceland

Ice Glacier climbing in summer is such a fantastic experience. Listening to the water flowing under you and discovering blue ice. The Gavox Avidiver blue was the right choice for this experience.


The Gavox Legacy Navy Logical stars on glacier lagoon of Jokulsarlon
Gavox legacy logical stars

Gavox Aurora in Thorsmosk

Iceland Thórsmörk national park.
Iceland Thórsmörk national park.

Gavox Avidiver in the Blue Lagoon

Gavox Avidiver blue

Gavox Squadron All black on the 21st July (Belgian National Day ) on glacier lagoon of Jokulsarlon

Gavox Squadron

Gavox Curtiss P40 in the Aviation Museum


Watch Review: Gavox Aurora By

When Stephen from Time2blogwatches asked me to review my aurora, I new he would find something special with this watch. Stephen does some great reviews out there and full of nice pictures and articles.


In his own words;

I am very excited about this review because it is the first mecatronic movement watch that I am reviewing. The Aurora has several different motors that work in unison to create a very unique and special watch. Since this is a unique and special watch review I am going to approach it very differently, by explaining the functions first then I will dissect the watch from a physical standpoint.

So let’s take a look at each of the Aurora’s cool and unique functions shall we?

check the article on his website :

image38 image41 image42 image56 image82 image92Conclusion:

The Gavox Aurora is a very unique and special watch. Housing a very cool Mecatronic movement that handles all of the Aurora’s many different functions with ease. The classic pilot/aviation themed dial is simply gorgeous, with perfect symmetry, lovely texture and great lume. You get a extremely unique watch packed full of great functions, for well under $1,000 USD. It’s pretty impressive the amount of watch you get for your dollar.

The Aurora is very comfortable on the wrist and is quite rugged able to handle a lot of outdoor activities. I know that Michael posted pics of the Aurora in temperatures well below 0 and while the camera failed under the harsh conditions, the Aurora never faultered. That definitely gets some bonus points in my book.

I would definitely wear this watch myself and I would highly recommend it to someone who is looking for a pilot/aviation themed watch but looking for something a bit different. You will not be disappointed with the Gavox Aurora it’s a real masterpiece both in function and in design. The dial is a work of art in its self. I am genuinely shocked by its water resistance, shocked in a good way.

If there is anything that I would change on the Aurora if given the choice? Not really, everything has been well thought out for a long time when the Aurora was designed. In an updated version I would like to see a screw down crown and pushers to increase the water resistance. I understand that this would slow the ease of function, but it’s just my personal opinion.

I want to personally thank Michael for allowing me to conduct my review on the Aurora and allowing me to take my time to be thorough with it. I fell in love with this watch for sure. It photographs with such ease and finesse. Thank you Michael!

To the question: What is your Favorite brand : One said “Gavox”



Gavox Aurora Reviews

I always like to see the reaction of reviewers regarding my watches and especially the Gavox Aurora.  Often it is being told it is probably too complex and difficult to catch and after 15 minutes they get the “A Ha!” moment. “his watch is amazing and intuitive”.  The gavox Aurora could be the missing link between classical watch and Smartwatches.  It is Smart for sure 😉

Feel free to check these reviews

Gavox Aurora Watch Review


Practical, Useful, and the SHIT THAT KILLED ELVIS!



2016-04-22_16-12-15 GAVOX AURORA REVIEW2016-04-22_16-13-40

Watch Review: Gavox Aurora




Win a Gavox Aurora and HD files of your Deepart work.

Dear Customers, Friends, Visitors


Contest is Over

Here are all submissions :


Winners Images are:

DEEPART DC8CDB05-24BF-45C5-974E-D3424D8DFD92F4C1C3C0-BE6B-43BB-9E56-38CE1BCCEDB0 B6DDB982-8D6E-4A54-8194-9E9E38074BAE C0C39A52-081A-480E-A0C2-80E31349EF73


You have the chance here to win a Gavox Aurora and Some HD files of your realisation. (Rules of the contest will be posted below).

What is : I discovered some time ago a fantastic computer generated art work based on the unique Algorithm. I makes unique artwork from 2 Image mixed together. Going to   I selected a Picture of a Gavox Watch and added an artwork I wanted the watch to resemble to. I chose a painting of a friend  James Jean .

This is what i made.

The source image where a Gavox Squadron “Photo”

And a James Jean “Style Image”

Rule of this contest

1) with the tool Create a combination of a Gavox shot using one picture with a Gavox on it ( from Internet or elsewhere) and combine it with an Artwork image of your choice. in order to creat a new and amazing Art.

2) Submission need to be done using on of these media : Instagram, Facebook , Email  “

3) for Gavox to be able to see the post in Instagram and Facebook , make your post public  if not sure send it over mail to

4) For Instagram and Facebook submission :  Post it and tag you new art with @Gavoxwatches  on Instagram And/Or Facebook 

5) in message section add  these Hashtag  #Gavox ,  #Deepart , #deepartgavox  and the artist you got inspired from.

6). Last submission 31st of May 2016.

7) Best picture wins. ( judges are Gavox Team)

Winning Prizes

Winner Gets a Gavox Aurora of his choice (+/- 950€) and his Super HD made will be given to him and Gavox will use it for his site.

2nd and 3rd will get HD resolution free from

Many Thanks to  Team  who will offer Some Some HD resolution to the Top Winners

Thanks to @jamesjeanart ( I used the Adrift image to create this).

Thanks to Deepart Team for their Support.


February 26th, 2016, Wornandwound ; Release article.

Last October at Wind-Up: NYC, I got a sneak peek at a prototype watch by Gavox that was very exciting. As you might recall, last time we discussed Gavox, who are a small brand with fairly bold ambitions, they had redefined the quartz pilot with their Aurora watch. One of the first watches to use a Soprod Mecatronic movement, it took an analog aviator design and gave it the functionality of a digital watch with an impressive array of complications. Their newest watch continues their pursuit of original variations on the pilot with a mechanical concept that is meant to excel above and below land; the Avidiver.


At a glance, the Avidiver appears to be a dual crown aviator watch, presumably with an internal bezel. However, the second crown doesn’t control the bezel, but rather the bright orange triangle seen at 12. By positioning the triangle at various points across the dial, one can set a second time zone (such as with a Zulu bezel), or track their elapsed time (as with a typical dive bezel). Though a simple concept it’s one with a lot of utility, and a novel approach in the current market.


Continuing the aviation-diver theme, the dial is sandwich-style speaking to dive watches, but with a distinct aviator layout. At 3, 6 and 9 are massive cutout numerals with a retro, open typeface. The other hours are wide tapering rectangles, also cut through, adding to the overall visibility and legibility of the design. At 12 is a v-cutout, which cleverly sits around the floating orange triangle above, creating one bold marker. Between the hour marks are then thin lines for the individual minutes/seconds. The layer below the main surface then features Super Luminova for good nighttime/low light visibility.

Lume Shot Avidiver
Lume Shot Avidiver

Around the dial is a chapter ring with an index of bold numerals for minutes/seconds. The rotating triangle sits below the ring, in a gap. From an angle, you can actually see that the triangle is part of a ring, all in bright orange, adding a sliver of orange is visible all around. The dials are finished with Roman sword hour and minute hands with lume filling. The seconds hand is a thin stick in black with an orange tip and an interesting winged-V counterweight. The watch is available with white, black or blue dials. The white is surprisingly cool looking, with orange outlined hands instead of white, for a fun twist.


The case is a beefy 43mm with 22mm lugs and a depth rating of 20 ATM. The design speaks a bit more to pilots than divers, but the addition of dual crowns gives it a touch of that super-compressor feel. Each dial color is available with either brushed steel or PVD cases, for classic or tactical look. The black and white dials are both quite striking with the PVD option, which sets off the subtle orange highlight of the bezel-triangle.

Avidiver set of 3
Avidiver set of 3

The case is a beefy 43mm with 22mm lugs and a depth rating of 20 ATM. The design speaks a bit more to pilots than divers, but the addition of dual crowns gives it a touch of that super-compressor feel. Each dial color is available with either brushed steel or PVD cases, for classic or tactical look. The black and white dials are both quite striking with the PVD option, which sets off the subtle orange highlight of the bezel-triangle.


All in all, the Gavox Avidiver is a cool new offering from the brand that should have both pilot and dive watch enthusiasts interested. By creating a hybrid of the two, while using a novel bezel design, Gavox has further demonstrated that they aren’t another cookie-cutter brand, but rather one with interesting ideas. What they achieved with the Avidiver is seemingly a very functional sport watch that should be great for a variety of adventures. The Avidiver is currently available for preorder at 20% off of retail, coming in at about $500 in steel at $550 in PVD. Powered by the Miyota 9015, this is a very fair price.

View review ;

Windup (aftermath of the NYC Watch fair)


What did I think about the event.

Some time ago, I participated to the First “Microbrand Watch fair” Organized by Wornandwound (WindUp). This was the first experience I had to bring watches and meet my client face to face in New York City. The Experience was a real added value for me and my Gavox Brand.

I first need to tell you that I not only like making watches, but i love taking time with my customers and give them the best service I can.  I still Check, Prepare, Mount bracelets and straps, Pack and Ship, Write a personal message to each and any customer because I CARE. This is a way to get in contact with you and share our vision of watches and give feedback on what was good or bad about the watches purchased.

So for the Windup event I was so happy to explain and share idea and thoughts about watches. Meet people that new Gavox and other interested in the design and creation i propose. Of course I liked seeing reactions from some of you who where “Flabbergasted” when seeing what my Gavox Aurora could do.


I remember

In particular i remember the time a person came back and forth to my stand and requesting to see and tough the Gavox Aurora. After some time he said to me “I told myself that never again I would buy a Quartz Watch and there I am asking you to purchase this Gavox Aurora” He told me that he fell for the Aurora as he saw all the work and thought being put in this watch and how everything falls in place.

An other time someone asked me early afternoon “I want to get you this Gavox Legacy, Could you please keep it for me and I’ll come back with some money” . This particular one was the last i had left and I totally trusted this fellow.  The end of the fair was there, I started packing my watches and said well he will not be back.  After halfway in the packing my client  present himself to the guard forcing them to ask for me. And there my new client “friend” came and thanked for keeping his watch. And when the deal was done, I received a god Hug and this message “You don’t know how happy I am, Thanks you so much”.

The WindUp venue with Gavox
The WindUp venue with Gavox

Meeting other Watchmaker

This was also fantastic to meet so many talented watchmaker. with such event you get to meet colleagues and go over the world of watchmaking with them. This was great (Thanks to Chip, Jason, Steve)

The Venue (101 Wooster Street, Soho)

Wornandwound found the perfect spot for the venue, it is in a very nice neighbourhood, stores and office share the streets, The visitors came not only from invitation but also when walking around the blocks.  Wornandwound have put a lot of work in making this place cosy, nicely furnished and with all the required infrastructure to be able to work (Table, Chairs, Stands, Wifi, Coffee and Food. the Work they did to set the booth and table was great

Will I do this again ?

Yes !

Michael Happé gavox
The WindUp venue with Michael Happé

Find here the Recap article of W&W


Watchmaker who was present:

Aevig, Astor+banks, Autodromo, Brew Watch Co, Chr.Ward, Dietrich, Halios, Horage, Martenero, Muhle, Oak&Oscar, Oris, Sablier, Stevral, Stowa