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a FARTHER Collection from Gavox

The Gavox Legacy collection takes its hue from our ancestors traditions. The creator of these watches wants to capture the feel of the era of navy and field officer watches of early 19th century. Of Huguenot and naval ancestors, the creator takes down memory lane while using modern techniques .

This model (Ø 41 x 4x x 12.x mm) constitutes a further refinement of our well-known Legacy line, enriched with an elegant and useful power reserve indicator. It features a custom version of the calibre 9310 from Miyota (Citizen Holdings). It displays the hours, minutes and minutes centrally, the latter on a thin electric blue hand which echoes that of the power reserve indicator located at 1 o’clock. The Breguet-style hands have been kept for the hours and minutes, as well as the Roman numerals. A small circled window at 7 o’clock shows the date. Compared to the traditional Legacy, the perceived thickness of the case has been slightly reduced thanks to a bespoke domed case-back, which gives the watch a subtly dressier look. The case is water-resistant to depths of 5 bar and uses surgical-grade 316L stainless steel with sapphire crystal and anti-reflection coating for optimal readability.

Legacy Carpe Diem (Ref GA-RES-215.0)

Two variants of this Gavox Legacy power reserve ( Ultima Necat) have been designed with my friend and watch enthusiast Olivier Meyers. Classic and contemporary at the same time, these models are based on the same Miyota movement as above. It features a classy charcoal or night blue dial, a tailored display of the power reserve indicator and long classic hands for the minutes and hours. In accordance with the usual readibility of Gavox watches, these hands are filled with luminescent material, as is also the case for the specific applied markers surrounding the dial. For the charcoal variant, touches of blue have been preserved through the electric blue hand for the power reserve indicator, as well as for the hand of the seconds.

Legacy Ultima Necat Grey (Ref GA-RES-216.0)

Legacy Ultima Necat Blue (Ref GA-RES-217.0)

For all models, Gavox personalized the movement by fitting a custom rotor, inspired from antique wisdom, and visible through the caseback of the watch.

On the classical Legacy model, the rotor has been decorated with Epicure’s famous quote “Carpe diem”. Even if very well known, this quote is quite often misunderstood as an invitation to unrestricted hedonism. Epicure’s message is however more subtle and inspiring. Through these 2 words, Epicure indeed advises us to carefully select those desires that give sense and meaning to our lives, leaving behind all unnecessary pleasures. This is the recipe to reach a genuine peace of mind, which according to the philosopher is the essence of happiness. In a world where we are permanently solicited or so easily distracted from what really matters, wearing such a philosophical reminder every day on the wrist can only be inspirational in the pursuit of self-fulfillment and wisdom.

The 2 other variants of the model have been decorated with a quote often found on antique sundials, which reads: “Ultima necat”. This is the abridged version of the full “Omnes vulnerant, ultima necat” (litterally: “All hours wound, the last one kills”). This is not only consistent with a power reserve-equipped watch, but also philosophically inspiring: this statement indeed reminds us of human mortality, but it delivers at the same time a compelling invitation to make something valuable of the time offered to us in this life.

We trust that these references to antique wisdom on the rotor of the different Legacy models will speak to the hearts of amateurs of fine arts, philosophy and watchmaking alike.


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On this week’s episode of The Worn & Wound Podcast, we talk to Michael Happé, the proprietor of Gavox. Founded in 2011, Gavox is a micro-brand that goes back to the early days of Worn & Wound. We’ve reviewed a number of watches from the brand, among them the AvidiverLegacy Navy, and the incredibly unique Aurora. Today, we talk to Michael about how he got into watches, the challenges he faced getting the unique Aurora project off the ground, and what’s in store for Gavox in the future

Link to podcast 

Gavox Roads Ready to Pre-Order

Gavox Roads Watch

this collection was made to travel.

Each Models comes with a Road Trip guide engraved on the case back.

Only the owner will see it and this will guide you along the most beautiful roads on this earth

Actually the 3 models are made for

Atlantic Ocean Roads (Norway) (Check link for a roadtrip advise)

Icefields Parkway (Canada, Alberta)   (Check link for a roadtrip advise)

  Pacific Coastal Highway (USA, California ) (Check link for a roadtrip advise)


Atlantic Ocean Road (No Date)
Highway 1 (Pacific Coastal Highway) PVD
Icefields Parkway
Looks on the wrist
All watches comes with thick Swiss Superluminova

Gavox: Watches that makes you smart


“Gavox : Watches that makes you smart” is a campain to promote watches that have been created with ideas and deep thinking.

The Collection Avidiver and Aurora are made out of the box ( Unique, creative  and not copying anything ).

We engineered and designed them to give the user a unique watch like no other.

And so it is with the Legacy, Squadron, Roads, Curtiss   All of them have ideas and tells stories.

Ask us more about them and we’ll personalty contact you to explain what we created

Loving the Belgian Falcon F16.


The Belgian Government is searching for a replacement for the actual fleet of F16 in belgium

Belgium  The last of the four European Participating Air Forces—those that purchased the F-16—to examine options to replace it, Belgium wants to purchase 34 new fighters, with first deliveries expected in 2023. Procurement officials are considering the Lockheed Martin F-35, Boeing F/A-18 Super Hornet, Dassault Rafale (My personal favorite)Eurofighter Typhoon and Saab Gripen. A selection is expected in 2018.

As some of you knows, I have made watches for F16 Pilots squadrons for the 350th Squadron and i wanted to show here all our colors

However the F16 served us well and here are the Planes we had and they colors and paints (Images from this Site )




Got interviewed by Watch Paper editor Adam Sofineti regarding the Watches Made for The 711 romanian Sqn

After hearing that i created a Watch for Romanian Squadron, Adam contacted me to know more about my collaboration with the 711 SQN from Campia Turzii

This Military Base 71 sits at the border of Russia and is a important Defence Base.  Not far from there , there is the beautiful city of Cluj-Napoca.

Adam contacted me saying that as he lived a part of his live in Cluj he was even more attracted to the story of a Belgian-American doing a Watches for the Romanians.

Here how Adam’s Story Starts

Gavox is a Belgian microbrand, founded by Michael Happé in 2011. While I never had the chance to see a Gavox outside the Internet, I always kept an eye on the brand because of the very pragmatic design of the watches. The no-nonsense approach to design, the choice of materials and the specs, align Gavox watches with the best tool watches made by other micro and major brands. I’m connected with Michael on Facebook and when he shared a video selfy from Romania, with the gothic church where I was baptised in his background, I dropped him a note to find out more about his visit in Transylvania. He was there to deliver the watches to the pilots of the 711 Squadron in Câmpia Turzii. This was a fantastic achievement for a microbrand and I wanted to know more how did it happen.

Michael’s grandfather was a member of the Flying Tigers, and if you don’t know who they are, you’re not alone, I had to Google it to learn more about this little known, yet fascinating chapter of WWII history. To give you a brief overview, the Flying Tigers was the nickname of the First American Volunteer Group of the Chinese Airforce, active between 1941–1942, composed of pilots from the United States Army Air Corps (USAAC), Navy (USN), and Marine Corps (USMC), with the mission of defending China against the Japanese. But I will let Michael tell the story:

Q&A with Michael Happé about Gavox, a high-flying microbrand

MiG21 pilots flying with they Gavox

Gavox produced a special order for  a Romanian MiG 21 squadron. The 711 squadron from “Campia turzii Baza” contacted us to make a watch for them.

Kpra ( the pilot who contacted us ) managed to get the pilots engaged and we went for a black PVD Gavox squadron model with a whole new dial design and a fully personal case back with the name of every single pilots on each of they watches.

The watch dial has they MiG 21 lancer drawing at 12  , they emblem at 3 and they moto at 6.

To deliver the 35 watches I was invited to go to the military base and meet with every pilots there at the time.

This was just amazing for a aviation and plane lover like me to be there with all the pilots with my they Gavox in front of 2 nicely placed MiG 21 lancer.

After spending some time with them in they bar they came back with a signed poster off they plane.

Thanks to them all.

Some other shots


Press Release in L’Echo

Article de presse dans “l’écho” 18 April 2017 :

Michael Happé,

le belgo-américain horloger des puissants

  • 18 avril 2017 05:00
  • Par Simon Souris

Depuis plus d’un an, ses montres sont offertes aux hauts responsables de ce monde par la Chancellerie du Premier ministre, un créneau venu compléter ses commandes militaires.

Quel est le point commun entre Obama, Ban Ki-moon et Mohammed VI? Mis à part qu’ils comptent parmi les grands dirigeants de ce monde, c’est une petite marque de montres belge qui leur sert de dénominateur commun. En effet, lors des visites d’Etat du royaume de Belgique, ils ont tous reçu une des créations horlogères de la TPE brabançonne Gavox.

Sélectionnée il y a près d’un an et demi par la Chancellerie du Premier ministre pour fournir l’un des cadeaux remis dans le cadre des missions diplomatiques, l’activité représente aujourd’hui une soixantaine de pièces par an pour l’entreprise située à Genval. Interrogé sur les personnalités qui ont reçu ses montres, Michael Happé, fondateur, signale qu’il aimerait bien en connaître la liste complète mais qu’il n’y est pas autorisé.

  • Né en 1969 d’un père belge et d’une mère américaine, il est ingénieur agronome de formation.
  • Après avoir travaillé dans des plantations de café et de cacao en Afrique, il rentre en Belgique où il se tourne vers l’IT. Par la suite, il devient consultant.
  • En 2011, il fonde Gavox et sort son premier modèle un an plus tard.
  • En 2014, il fournit ses premières montres à l’armée belge, ce qui l’amènera rapidement à entrer à la Chancellerie.
  • Fin 2016, il signe un contrat avec l’armée roumaine.

Comment cet homme de 48 ans a-t-il été sélectionné? “Il s’agit d’un concours de circonstance“, commente l’intéressé. Tout a débuté en 2013 au moment de la passation de pouvoir entre le roi Albert II et le prince Philippe. Pour l’occasion, le créateur souhaite réaliser un bracelet de montre aux couleurs nationales avec pour objectif de le faire porter par le Roi. Si le but n’est pas atteint, il réussit tout de même à ce que sa marque soit repérée par le monde politique, puis par la Chancellerie un an plus tard.

Venu du ciel

Un accomplissement pour ce projet personnel lancé en 2011 par ce consultant en informatique reconverti à l’horlogerie. Ses premières montres voient le jour un an plus tard et ne tardent pas à rencontrer un certain succès auprès d’une clientèle pour le moins particulière… les pilotes de chasse. En effet, lui-même pilote (dans le civil), Michael Happé sait ce que recherche ce type d’utilisateurs et a pu surfer dès le début sur cette vague en concevant pour eux des modèles très spécifiques.

Suite à une recommandation d’un ami militaire, il signe un contrat avec l’armée belge en 2014. Deux escadrilles de la composante air reçoivent alors ses créations. Une première étape qui lui permettra de signer plus tard un contrat similaire avec l’armée roumaine. Depuis lors, “il y a eu un effet boule de neige dans cette niche-là. Mon carnet de commandes grossit tous les mois“, explique Michael Happé, avant de glisser être actuellement en négociation avec “un consortium de pays“. Nous n’en saurons pas plus. Secret défense oblige.

 © Gavox© Gavox


Mais le patron de Gavox ne se limite pas qu’aux montres de pilotes. Il propose aussi des pièces à destination des marins ou des plongeurs. Et, à terme, il pourrait même se diriger vers des tocantes inspirées de la course automobile. Une diversification qui n’enlève en rien le point commun qui sous-tend sa réflexion: ses montres sont “toujours étudiées pour leur fonction, un peu comme un canif“. Ici, ce qui prime, c’est l’utilisation plutôt que la forme. Rien d’étonnant quand on sait que l’homme est ingénieur de formation.

En pratique, Michael Happé passe donc la majeure partie de son temps à la conception des différents modèles de la marque. Pour ce qui est de leur fabrication, la production des montres est réalisée à l’étranger, une pratique courante dans le secteur.


Son grand-père a fait partie des “Flying Tigers”, cette célèbre escadrille américaine qui a marqué l’histoire de l’aviation militaire par les motifs apposés sur le nez de ses avions: une bouche de requin béante aux dents apparentes. Cet héritage a résolument influencé Michael Happé.


Dans le cadre d’un programme d’échange de militaires, un pilote belge s’est rendu au Portugal, Gavox au poignet. Là, il a rencontré des représentants de l’armée roumaine venus acheter des avions à l’armée portugaise. Intéressés par la montre qu’il portait, ils ne tardent pas à contacter l’entreprise qui les fabrique. Quelques mois plus tard, le contrat était signé.


Son rêve? Une montre pour la planète rouge. Un défi de taille parce que “la référence du temps, le jour, les saisons… n’est pas la même” sur Mars et sur la Terre. De plus, la montre se doit pour bien faire de renseigner “et l’heure locale, et l’heure terrestre, et l’heure globale”, ce qui n’a rien de simple. Mais l’homme indique avoir eu quelques contacts pour mener ce projet à bien.