Gavox Avidiver Review by TBWS

Gavox Avidiver reviews The Gavox Avidiver is getting a new attention recently and its unique design, construction and aesthetic makes it a desirable watch to wear and own. Review on Gavox Avidiver Watch Review By: Michael Penate Back in the ’90s, it didn’t take much for kids to get into aviation. A lot of it […]

Gavox going to Windup 2018 in San-Francisco

come to San Francisco, I would love to meet you guys. Loving this opportunity to discuss with watch passionate and explain what i created for them. I will bring all my collections with me for you to try it (Gavox Roads Review) Michael Happé Get you hands on the latest Gavox Review :  The Gavox Roads


  On this week’s episode of The Worn & Wound Podcast, we talk to Michael Happé, the proprietor of Gavox. Founded in 2011, Gavox is a micro-brand that goes back to the early days of Worn & Wound. We’ve reviewed a number of watches from the brand, among them the Avidiver, Legacy Navy, and the incredibly unique Aurora. Today, […]

Gavox Roads Ready to Pre-Order

Gavox Roads Watch this collection was made to travel. Each Models comes with a Road Trip guide engraved on the case back. Only the owner will see it and this will guide you along the most beautiful roads on this earth Actually the 3 models are made for Atlantic Ocean Roads (Norway) (Check link for a […]

Gavox: Watches that makes you smart

  “Gavox : Watches that makes you smart” is a campain to promote watches that have been created with ideas and deep thinking. The Collection Avidiver and Aurora are made out of the box ( Unique, creative  and not copying anything ). We engineered and designed them to give the user a unique watch like no other. […]

Loving the Belgian Falcon F16.

  The Belgian Government is searching for a replacement for the actual fleet of F16 in belgium Belgium  The last of the four European Participating Air Forces—those that purchased the F-16—to examine options to replace it, Belgium wants to purchase 34 new fighters, with first deliveries expected in 2023. Procurement officials are considering the Lockheed Martin F-35, Boeing F/A-18 Super Hornet, Dassault […]