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Michael Happé

Gavox creator and owner

Superluminova dial and crystals
Superluminova dial and crystals

Gavox squadron watch for Romanian Air Force

 A story of success in wonderful Romania.

Early this year I was contacted by a Romania F16 Pilot “Miklas” to create a Watch for their 1st F16 Fighting Squadron.

The 53rd Squadron pilots have been trained in Portugal for some time as the Romanian government decided to purchase Portugese F16 to replace the Mig 21 for they fleet.

Thanks to Jo.D. a Belgian F16 Pilot from the 350th Sqn who was in portugal at the time,  Miklas discovered that in Belgium, Gavox ,  a small Company was creating Pilot Tool Watches and even managed Limited series of Personalized watches. Gavox Already produced More that 14 different Limited Serie Watches for Specific Squadrons and Teams.


Gavox Squadron Specifications:

Watch Personalised, with Minimum 25 Units,
Dial, Hands and Caseback personalized

Surgical stainless steel case
Case diameter: ø 41mm
Case depth: 12 mm
Screw down Crown
Luminescent on hands and dial (Superluminova)
Turning Bezel 120 step
Swiss Part Ronda Movement
Chronograph 12H
Date display
Alarm 12h
Water resistant: 10ATM (300 feet)



 Friday 25th November, When i arrived in Cluj-Napoca  Airport, I was greeted by some Pilots. The feeling to be welcome in a foreign country this way completely blew me away.  WXOW,  thanks guys !


On the Romanian National Day, December 1st the Pilots and these Newly acquired F16 where the star of the day, Flying over Romania and Bucharest during the Celebration and Parade.

Gavox Squadron in Flight with F16 Pilots


Gavox Squadron in Flight with F16 Pilots
Gavox Squadron in Flight with F16 Pilots

This experience was amazing,  Thanks to my friend Sefan for coming with me and guide me in this wonderfull Romania.


Gavox at Chelsea Market in NYC (Oct 21-23)

Come and meet Gavox and other Microbrands at chelsea market for the Windup event

October  21 – 23 2016

Chelsea Market (inside) – 75 9th Avenue
(Between 15th and 16th Streets), New York, NY 10011


Brand that will be present at the fair this year:



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2 Professors friends and at the same time Artist created these mesmerizing artwork

1) Stephane Pigeon

Master of sounds he created this Clock sound thinking about his good friend Mike : Clock Sound 



Jason Nelson 

Unconventional digital artist, Jason Nelson Contacted me (Mike) Regarding a creation of digital Clock and watch images after seeing the Gavox Aurora . Jason created these 2 Mesmerizing Digital moving images (click images)2016-08-29_23-54-132016-08-29_23-56-14

A trip to Iceland

We are now back with tons on great shot of Gavox watch in Iceland

Ice Glacier climbing in summer is such a fantastic experience. Listening to the water flowing under you and discovering blue ice. The Gavox Avidiver blue was the right choice for this experience.


The Gavox Legacy Navy Logical stars on glacier lagoon of Jokulsarlon
Gavox legacy logical stars

Gavox Aurora in Thorsmosk

Iceland Thórsmörk national park.
Iceland Thórsmörk national park.

Gavox Avidiver in the Blue Lagoon

Gavox Avidiver blue

Gavox Squadron All black on the 21st July (Belgian National Day ) on glacier lagoon of Jokulsarlon

Gavox Squadron

Gavox Curtiss P40 in the Aviation Museum


Gone flying : Shipping will resume in August

Dear Visitors, Friends and Gavox Ambassadors

We are taking a break for end July 2016.


We will land back in August and all orders will be processed then.

Remember, we are FAST and Client Focused .


 This was taken for the stratosphere with a small and fun project we had.

A Gavox Aurora and a Gavox Avidiver

Watch Review: Gavox Aurora By Timetoblogwatches.com

When Stephen from Time2blogwatches asked me to review my aurora, I new he would find something special with this watch. Stephen does some great reviews out there and full of nice pictures and articles.


In his own words;

I am very excited about this review because it is the first mecatronic movement watch that I am reviewing. The Aurora has several different motors that work in unison to create a very unique and special watch. Since this is a unique and special watch review I am going to approach it very differently, by explaining the functions first then I will dissect the watch from a physical standpoint.

So let’s take a look at each of the Aurora’s cool and unique functions shall we?

check the article on his website : https://timetoblogwatches.com/2016/03/11/watch-review-gavox-aurora/

image38 image41 image42 image56 image82 image92Conclusion:

The Gavox Aurora is a very unique and special watch. Housing a very cool Mecatronic movement that handles all of the Aurora’s many different functions with ease. The classic pilot/aviation themed dial is simply gorgeous, with perfect symmetry, lovely texture and great lume. You get a extremely unique watch packed full of great functions, for well under $1,000 USD. It’s pretty impressive the amount of watch you get for your dollar.

The Aurora is very comfortable on the wrist and is quite rugged able to handle a lot of outdoor activities. I know that Michael posted pics of the Aurora in temperatures well below 0 and while the camera failed under the harsh conditions, the Aurora never faultered. That definitely gets some bonus points in my book.

I would definitely wear this watch myself and I would highly recommend it to someone who is looking for a pilot/aviation themed watch but looking for something a bit different. You will not be disappointed with the Gavox Aurora it’s a real masterpiece both in function and in design. The dial is a work of art in its self. I am genuinely shocked by its water resistance, shocked in a good way.

If there is anything that I would change on the Aurora if given the choice? Not really, everything has been well thought out for a long time when the Aurora was designed. In an updated version I would like to see a screw down crown and pushers to increase the water resistance. I understand that this would slow the ease of function, but it’s just my personal opinion.

I want to personally thank Michael for allowing me to conduct my review on the Aurora and allowing me to take my time to be thorough with it. I fell in love with this watch for sure. It photographs with such ease and finesse. Thank you Michael!

To the question: What is your Favorite brand : One said “Gavox”