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gavox squadron

I am constantly on the hunt for great looking military style watches, especially with a Sinn watch brand type appearance to them. The Gavox Squadron really delivers this at a much more affordable cost. Some background information direct from Gavox Watches indicates the company was registered in 2011 by the grandson of one of the legendary “Flying Tigers”. Gavox strives to produce timing instruments inspired by exploration of the skies. The founder, as an engineer and a pilot, wanted to produce watches that could be used by individuals in the field, providing multiple functions such as: alarms, chronographs, military time, perpetual calendars and multiple time zones.
The Squadron was specifically designed for the Belgian Air Force with 65 units designed and designated for two separate squadrons of their Air Force. However, the civilian population didn’t get left out as another 500 were produced for the rest of us. As I mentioned earlier, the Squadron model has some strong resemblances to Sinn watch brand productions, specifically the 103 model, but at a much more affordable cost starting at $396 USD for the stainless model compared to watches nearing $2000 USD. A PVD model is also available at $430 USD. Some of the basic specifications of the Squadron are:
Case: Steel
Movement: Ronda 5130.D
Dial: Matte Black
Crystal: Sapphire
Water Resistance: 10bar
Case Diameter: 41mm
Warranty: 2 years

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Heres the conclusions

The Gavox Squadron watches really succeed at achieving the look and the toughness of a military chronograph. The fact they were actually designed for and with the influence of Belgian Air Force personnel, gives them added authenticity, reinforcing the aesthetic. While I think I personally would prefer other complications than an alarm, I appreciate that it’s what was specified. Also, if that is something one wants in their watch, this is probably the nicest option out there.

At $480 and $520  , the price is at the upper limit for a quartz, costing more than Gavox’s own automatics, but the feel of the watch speaks to the price tag.

« Gavox Note : ! Price listed in the review are with the european 21% VAT included »

« for US and out of Europe price are : $396  for the Squadron All Steel and $430 for the Squadron All Black « 

 » Try your price on  and put your shipping address and it will addapt the prices »

They are sturdy, strong and clearly built to last. On top of that, they really are quite cool looking, with a sleek, sporty presence. So, if you’re looking for a pilot chronograph that doesn’t break the bank and has a real military backstory, the Gavox Squadron is worth considering.

Result of the Gavox Giveaway with

Gavox Legacy Logical Stars Ref346.5

Congratulation to Matt, the winner of the april  contest

What would I do if I win a Gavox Legacy:

Matt answer was:

Should I have the Legacy, it would feature in a series of photos throughout the most important day of my life. The first, of it sitting proudly on a bench next to a pair of silver cufflinks. The second, of it being placed on my wrist and adjusted just so, with the three men closest to me in my life gathered behind me. The final shot of the set takes place a short while afterwards in a nearby garden in the Australian wine country, on a sunny spring afternoon in October this year. The sunlight glints off the Legacy as my hands gently brush the cheek of my best friend, dressed in a stunning white dress, just seconds after she becomes my wife…

Matt was one of the 30 contestant who used they creativity to plan a photo scenario with they Gavox Legacy

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Check here a Poem that was written by Jonathan

As I never had worn a watch with Roman numerals before, I thought I ought to take a picture of the Gavox in a place where the Roman atmosphere can truly be felt – A place like that, which is close to my heart is the Herodium (for further reading -… built by Herod the Great. I decided to write a poem opposed to a short script, and so it follows:

On an April afternoon
I was about to doss, 
The air was thick and warm,
When my eyes just came across
A post on wristwatchreview,
They give away a watch,
For months I have been yearning
To sport a fine Gavox.
Naval-modern yet so classy
Oozing timeless chic,
I would then be entitled,
For a place within the 'clique',
A coterie of men,
True gents with taste so-fine
Who appreciate timepieces,
Oh sweet Gavox, please be mine.
And with the timepiece on my wrist,
On a sunny day of June,
I'd travel to the desert
To climb a special Dune,
Which had witnessed by itself
Two-thousand years of war,
Built by mighty Roman King
To be buried there he swore.
And at solstice's midday
When the sun is up the sky,
The watch's Roman dial,
Would then reflect its light,
On that glorified acropolis,
On all that lived there and had died.
Then King Herod I the Great
Will be grinning six feet under,
For the Herodium he built,
Had survived both sun and thunder,
There a young lad had arrived
With Roman numerals on wrist,
Oh, the legacy lives on,
Down with Pluto we shall feast!

Thanks to everyone



Gavox in German Magazine DAS ERBE UNSERER WELT with National Geographic.

Gavox will be present in DAS ERBE UNSERER WELT (First sample here) Magazine of May & June 2014

Das Erbe unserer Welt is part of the National Geographic and is dedicated to the memory of important people that forged the history.

This special edition will be about Astronaut Neil Armstrong  and will also talk about Belgium ( Magritte, Belgium cities, the atomium…)

This is why Gavox was contacted, A belgian brand and making watches of the extreme for aviation and pilots, working the the Belgian Air Force.

Very happy about this opportunity we accepted this opportunity arm wide open.

Enjoy !



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