Windup (aftermath of the NYC Watch fair)


What did I think about the event.

Some time ago, I participated to the First “Microbrand Watch fair” Organized by Wornandwound (WindUp). This was the first experience I had to bring watches and meet my client face to face in New York City. The Experience was a real added value for me and my Gavox Brand.

I first need to tell you that I not only like making watches, but i love taking time with my customers and give them the best service I can.  I still Check, Prepare, Mount bracelets and straps, Pack and Ship, Write a personal message to each and any customer because I CARE. This is a way to get in contact with you and share our vision of watches and give feedback on what was good or bad about the watches purchased.

So for the Windup event I was so happy to explain and share idea and thoughts about watches. Meet people that new Gavox and other interested in the design and creation i propose. Of course I liked seeing reactions from some of you who where “Flabbergasted” when seeing what my Gavox Aurora could do.


I remember

In particular i remember the time a person came back and forth to my stand and requesting to see and tough the Gavox Aurora. After some time he said to me “I told myself that never again I would buy a Quartz Watch and there I am asking you to purchase this Gavox Aurora” He told me that he fell for the Aurora as he saw all the work and thought being put in this watch and how everything falls in place.

An other time someone asked me early afternoon “I want to get you this Gavox Legacy, Could you please keep it for me and I’ll come back with some money” . This particular one was the last i had left and I totally trusted this fellow.  The end of the fair was there, I started packing my watches and said well he will not be back.  After halfway in the packing my client  present himself to the guard forcing them to ask for me. And there my new client “friend” came and thanked for keeping his watch. And when the deal was done, I received a god Hug and this message “You don’t know how happy I am, Thanks you so much”.

The WindUp venue with Gavox
The WindUp venue with Gavox

Meeting other Watchmaker

This was also fantastic to meet so many talented watchmaker. with such event you get to meet colleagues and go over the world of watchmaking with them. This was great (Thanks to Chip, Jason, Steve)

The Venue (101 Wooster Street, Soho)

Wornandwound found the perfect spot for the venue, it is in a very nice neighbourhood, stores and office share the streets, The visitors came not only from invitation but also when walking around the blocks.  Wornandwound have put a lot of work in making this place cosy, nicely furnished and with all the required infrastructure to be able to work (Table, Chairs, Stands, Wifi, Coffee and Food. the Work they did to set the booth and table was great

Will I do this again ?

Yes !

Michael Happé gavox
The WindUp venue with Michael Happé

Find here the Recap article of W&W


Watchmaker who was present:

Aevig, Astor+banks, Autodromo, Brew Watch Co, Chr.Ward, Dietrich, Halios, Horage, Martenero, Muhle, Oak&Oscar, Oris, Sablier, Stevral, Stowa





Gavox Aurora watches

The Gavox Aurora in Father Christmas Land: Lapland

The Gavox Aurora went to meet the Aurora Borealis this winter.  I Created this watch to be a one of a kind Wristwatch with a few innovations of my own. Due to the research i put in this watch and of the fact that it is a watch made for pilots and astronauts, I named this watch Aurora. Also the Luminescent Dial and Hands remind the colors that can be created by these lights. (Wikipedia : An aurora, sometimes referred to as a polar light, is a natural light display in the sky, predominantly seen in the high latitude regions)

Gavox Aurora watches
Gavox Aurora under the light in Lapland 2015

When my good friend, Stephan from decided to go to lapland with his son end of December 2015, I knew he would have the possibility to encounter Northern Light (Aurora Borealis).

I challenged Stephan to take a picture of his Gavox Aurora showing both the watch and the Sky with a Aurora. You need to know that on that day the sky was cloudless, the temperature was freezing -14°F (-26°C ).  Due to this cold, his Iphone and the Autofocus of his SLR camera Stopped working. The picture above needed a lot of trial and error to make sure the focus was right and this is very dim light.  This shot needed a pause of 8 Second to get enough light.

Stephan told me that the cold was so intense that while making sure the shot was right, his finger appeared to be “Frozen”,  “I can’t move my finger anymore”. After some time under fresh water the feeling came back.

Best Watch with Wolf and Man
Gavox Aurora with a Half Wolf

Merry Christmas 2015 to all of you from the country of Father Christmas.

Here Stephane’s Son is taking care of his sledge Half Wolf  – Half Husky dog. You need to know that these half breed dogs makes them tough for the weather condition and also easier to train.

Gavox Aurora under the christmas tree
Authentic Lapland Christmas Tree with the perfect gift ;-)

Many Thanks to Stephane and Remi for the fantastic pictures

Check out the Work Stephane does, it is simply magical and immersive.

Mynoise and Gavox Nothern Light Sounds



“Worn And Wound” Review of the GAVOX AURORA

Here’s the Conclusion (Full Review)

The Gavox Aurora is a crazy watch that is hard not to be impressed with. It’s attractive, well made and incredibly feature packed. Having all of those different modes baked into one watch that has a relatively normal design is very appealing. It’s an alternative to getting a digital watch or, god-forbid, a smart watch of some kind. And it’s really exciting that it came from a micro brand. This was no small project for Gavox. It didn’t happen over night, or even over a year. It took years of development and testing, and in the end a small Belgian brand was able to make a watch that is more impressive than what many “big” brands are producing. It’s this kind of innovation and risk taking that makes micro brands so much more interesting than their larger, older counterparts.


The price tag of $838 is going to be challenging for many as it is a quartz, but it’s hard to compare this watch to anything. First off, it is Swiss-made with a Swiss-made movement, which is always going to increase the cost. As noted in regards to the hands, this watch took specialization that required better than average tolerances. But, it’s really about this movement. It might not be mechanical, but it’s complex and I don’t think should be compared with your typical quartz movement. It’s its own thing, its own category, and considering everything it does, while also being energy efficient (a detail I really love) it seems worth a premium. So, if you’re in the market for a multi-tool of a watch that maintains a classic analogue appearance (well, you might not have known that’s what you wanted until now) but does a lot of awesome stuff, look no further.

Link to wornandwound Gavox Aurora Review

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Fratellowatches Review of the Gavox Aurora

Find here a review of our latest creation, The gavox Aurora

Link to Fratellowatches review

Find here a short extract from this review

On first sight the Gavox Aurora is a very attractive watch already. Clearly readable with the high contrast of a black dial, white and orange hands, and white large index markers and numerals. As said, very pilot design based.


However, what I liked most about the Gavox Aurora was the exploration of all functions and how to set them. This really is something you need to take your time for. I was happy to learn that Gavox offers an on-line Virtual Aurora demo which you can play with, and which offers an easy to follow manual how to set the watch. You’ll find it here: Virtual Aurora



When Gavox Client Send Pictures

When Fans send me pictures, it makes me happy. These shots will probably land on my Instagram and facebook pages.

Here’s an example with Doug.


Hello again Michael,
One more picture I snapped today for you….from your friends in America: Your Gavox Squadron with with the USS Kitty Hawk in the background. Not the Flying Tigers, but many heroic battle missions flown off that deck!. Hope all is well…..I’m still enjoying the watch.

Regards,          Doug……..IMG_20150612_090150108_HDR

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