Fratellowatches Review of the Gavox Aurora

Find here a review of our latest creation, The gavox Aurora

Link to Fratellowatches review

Find here a short extract from this review

On first sight the Gavox Aurora is a very attractive watch already. Clearly readable with the high contrast of a black dial, white and orange hands, and white large index markers and numerals. As said, very pilot design based.


However, what I liked most about the Gavox Aurora was the exploration of all functions and how to set them. This really is something you need to take your time for. I was happy to learn that Gavox offers an on-line Virtual Aurora demo which you can play with, and which offers an easy to follow manual how to set the watch. You’ll find it here: Virtual Aurora



When Gavox Client Send Pictures

When Fans send me pictures, it makes me happy. These shots will probably land on my Instagram and facebook pages.

Here’s an example with Doug.


Hello again Michael,
One more picture I snapped today for you….from your friends in America: Your Gavox Squadron with with the USS Kitty Hawk in the background. Not the Flying Tigers, but many heroic battle missions flown off that deck!. Hope all is well…..I’m still enjoying the watch.

Regards,          Doug……..IMG_20150612_090150108_HDR

Here’s what I do , I post them on Instagram and Facebook:


Gavox is proud to present the Gavox Aurora.

After 3 years of research and two major innovations, Gavox is proud to present the Gavox  Aurora.

The Aurora is the world’s first multifunction quartz watch that handles all geographical and political time zones. It allows to keep track of a reference time and display a local time by increments of 15 minutes, in order to handle non-standard time zones with a difference of 15, 30 or 45 minutes. As much as 20% of the world’s population lives in non-standard time zones.


Designed based on the feedback of professional pilots, the watch also includes navigational features such as fly-back mission timer and countdown. Astronomical features include: perpetual calendar and moon phases.

The display borrow cues from aircraft instruments to allow a quick read of uncluttered information; and all functions are displayed in semi-circles, which prevents the hands from overlapping and hiding critical information.

Forged in surgical stainless steel, the case can be immersed to a static depth of 100 meter and is fitted with an anti-glare crystal that only diamond can scratch.

Gavox Aurora All Steel

DO I Think Apple Watch will Kill Traditional Watches ? NO I SAY

The smart Apple Watch was presented at Apple keynote.

Applewatch VS Traditional Watches

Am I scared about my traditional watches Brand ?.

No, I look forward to see this revolution take place, I already own a Pebble watch steel. These watches are great but as an extension of your mobile phone or As an activity tracker like my Misfit. It is clear that more and more people stopped using watches since time is available everywhere ( smartphone, computer, radio, wall clock, oven…). Apple is looking at these possible clients. what I do strongly believe is that mechanical watches will be your personal link to reality. The beating of the seconds will the closest if your own heartbeat. Classical watches will also be there for sharing between you and your son as they last for decades and don’t need upgrade are not disposed of when technology decide to put them out of support. I love my watches and here my Gavox Legacy will still be on my wrist for ages showing me that like such watches, I am alive. @gavoxwatches

Our Winner shows his contest photo shot for his Wedding with his Gavox Legacy

Gavox-Legacy-Winner-Wrist-Shot-resized (1)

I received from Matt this great shot of his Gavox Legacy worn at the day of his wedding.

Matt won this watch from a contest some month ago. Contest aws on watch blog held by John Biggs and Patrick Kansa

here’s was Matt Answer :

“Should I have the Legacy, it would feature in a series of photos throughout the most important day of my life. The first, of it sitting proudly on a bench next to a pair of silver cufflinks. The second, of it being placed on my wrist and adjusted just so, with the three men closest to me in my life gathered behind me. The final shot of the set takes place a short while afterwards in a nearby garden in the Australian wine country, on a sunny spring afternoon in October this year. The sunlight glints off the Legacy as my hands gently brush the cheek of my best friend, dressed in a stunning white dress, just seconds after she becomes my wife…”


I wish matt and his wife a wonderful life together